Banned4Life Campaign leader

Look out for Banned4Life Blood Drive Rallies in your town! Oct. 17th Hunter-Bellevue College, NY Oct. 19th Rollins College, FL Oct.…Read More

remove the FDA policy that bans gay men from donating blood.

I AM outraged by this !!! This cause Needs Attention !! I have loved ones who are gay men , Just because someone is gay DOES NOT MEAN THEIR BLOOD IS BAD ! We have a big problem shortage on blood because gay men can't give that gift someone might need . Really ?! This world of IGNORANT PEOPLE MUST…Read More

Because there is no reason why they should not. They can screen for AIDs just like they do for anyone else...and that is the only reason I can think of that would prohibit this activity....except for an illegal bias over sexual preference.

It's not really a story as is a statement, n my statement is blood is blood. There's no difference in it's content because of one's sexual orientation. Saying someone's blood is no good because they're gay is the same thing as saying my blood is no good because I'm Puerto Rican!! It's simply not…Read More

Unfortunately I cannot donate blood because I have HIV. It is a shame that the ban on all gay men has continued this long. I wish I could donate my blood but I do my service work supporting community health services and gay organizations that promote healthy choices for gay men and women as well as…Read More

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