​Victory and blessings!

  • Update #7

Extra Chaupai Sahib recitations starting June 6th is complete.  The bani Benti Chaupai Sahib itself states that a person who recites this will be like the fool who becomes very wise and no pain or suffering can approach the person who recites this bani...…Read More

37th Day!

  • Update #6

Piyario, beloved sangat, as our official call is almost complete we wanted to ask a special favor of everyone: Can you share any experiences you had while participating in this call to prayer?  Please do share if you have something to share as it will help…Read More

Over a month completed

  • Update #5

Gurfateh dear reciters. It has been over a month since our global prayer together began.  Let us really focus on connecting with all other Chaupai Sahib #1Prayer reciters. Let us pray that each other have faith and pray in a way that the Guru will truly hear…Read More

9 Days Strong

  • Update #4

We now have %20 more people than our goal reciting an extra Chaupai Sahib every day. Let's really imagine all these 1,200 people when we pray. We are one!

It Started Today

  • Update #3

Waheguru! Thank you for joining. Today is the first day. We grateful to be doing Chaupai Sahib with you. We are all connected today, on the first day of our commitment. We met the goal and had over 1,000 pledges by yesterday. Keep up. Guru Fateh ji

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