Our experiment is to gather 1,000 participants to recite one extra Chaupai Sahib a day for 40 days together, starting June 6, 2015. 

(If you already do it every day, you can add an extra recitation. If you are not currently doing, you can start). 

Our intention is: 1: Clear any blocks that hold us Sikhs back as a group. 2: Bring increased unity to the panth. 3. Create a healing vibration in the Sikh community that can expand to the entire world.

You can sign up to join for a 40 day practice of Chaupai Sahib here. Feel free to share any positive updates or thoughts using the hashtag #1Prayer #ChaupaiPower #IkArdas

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Thirty one years ago a great tragedy visited the earth. The HariMandir Sahib was invaded and the Akal Takht was attacked. The psyche of the Sikhs took a direct hit. 

On the anniversary of that event we not only remember the sacrifice of the Akal Takhat, but 31 years later, we see the drama of the Kali Yug in full force. The Guru tells us the Naam is the only antidote to this drama. We can choose to direct our attention away from judgement and controversay and instead choose to actively  create change in the world by changing ourselves

I believe that what we see in the world is a reflection of our collective projections. Guru ji writes, "Jo mange thakur apune te, soi soi deve." "What we ask from the Lord, we are given exactly that." (ang 681 Guru Arjun Dev ji). 

I believe this also applies to the darker things. For example, we get disunity because we are not collectively asking for unity. All of our thoughts collectively form the manifestation of our world. What we choose to pay attention to is what grows. Prayer is not simply the Ardaas we do in the Gurdwara. Slander and gossip are, I think, actually forms of prayer that bring us all down. Soi, soi deve, so we get the result of it.

From this thought it is not hard to say that to some extent it is we Sikhs who are keeping each other down. That may sound daunting or even like an accusation but it is actually positive and empowering. Once we realize how powerful and creative we are, especially as a group, we can change things internally and externally in ways that are unforeseeable.

Let us not simply watch the news and talk about how bad things are. If everyone does that, we will keep enabling things to be as they are. Let us get together and pray for unity. Pray for justice,  for equality, for the worthy to ascend, and the corrupt to scatter. Pray for a robust and amazing future for our children, grandchildren and their great grandchildren.

Let us do an experiment. Not only do we have the human power of prayer, we have an extra secret ingredient: We have bani. With a pure heart,  honest intentions and aided by bani, our prayers are on hyperdrive! The light and the blessings that can come when we do this could be amazing and unthinkable.

Starting on June 6th, the 31st anniversary of 1984, we are calling for the recitation of Benti Chaupai Sahib.

Benti Chaupai Sahib is the personal prayer of Guru Gobind Singh. The meaning of this Bani is very powerful, when you see what Guru ji asks for, it almost seems boastful, it is such an all encompassing prayer. It has everything we could ask for. “Save me with Your own Hand.” “Fulfill all my wishes.” “Bring peace to my family.” “Keep your feet in my heart.” “Liberate my serviceful Sikhs.” “Wipe away the fear of death.”  

“Kilbikh sakal de ko harta, dusht dokhian ko chhe karta.” “Eradicate the stain of all misdeeds, exterminate the enemies and the tyrants.” These are some… some… of the powerful words in Benti Chaupai.

Our experiment is to gather 1,000 participants to recite one extra Chaupai Sahib a day for 40 days together beginning June 6, 2015.

(If you already do it every day you can add an extra recitation. If you are not currently doing it, you can start). 

Our intentions are: 

1) Clear any blocks that hold us Sikhs back as a group. 

2) Bring increased unity to the panth. 

3) Create a healing vibration in the Sikh community that can expand to the entire world.

I suggest that we visualize what we are praying for. When we do Chaupai Sahib, let’s take a little time to just picture how we see these intentions coming to life. Can you see it? Let us really get into it!

The more we can see it together, the more it can manifest. It is written in the Siri Guru Granth Sahib, "Jo brahmande, so pinde." "As in the Universe, so in the body.” (ang 695, Bhagat Peepa ji) 

I’ll share my interpretation of this, and it’s just my interpretation: The more something carries weight in the unseen realm, the more it will spill over to our physical observable world. I know this sounds like philosophy but I really believe it. I have seen so many things happen in my life that started as thoughts. Things that would never happen, did happen, because I had put a lot of meditative thought into them. Things in the world changed and adjusted to my thoughts. Meditation, thought, prayer, whatever we want to call it, is very powerful. I would even say it is our main power.

Our power is our prayer. Our destiny is bright. The possibilities are endless.

Take the pledge and join us for a 40 day practice of Benti Chaupai. Feel free to share any positive updates or thoughts using the hashtag #1Prayer 

- Harijot Singh Khalsa, SikhNet.Com.

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