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By-Elshaddai Amanuel

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Bring Back The Bible And Morals Back To All Schools

The calamity we are facing is because we have forgotten and gotten rid of the solution. The solution is GOD, and unfortunately, he is no longer in the position to protect or guide us for we have secluded him from everything that he helped us build. Government shutdown, economy collapse and many more problems that cringe America are no more than the effects that has resulted as a consequence for "kicking" out the God who had helped us rise to where we are. If we don't bring God back, America will no longer be a nation protected by God, but a country that will be a laughing stock of her enemies. GOD IS STILL WAITING FOR OUR CONSENT TO HELP US WITH OUR PROBLEMS, AND IT IS TIME FOR US TO TAKE THAT LEAP OF FAITH INTO MAKING THINGS BETTER FOR OURSELVES AND THE GENERATIONS TO COME, ALL BY LETTING GOD CONTROL AND GUIDE US IN EVERY ASPECT OF OUR LIVES! JESUS IS LORD!

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Deborah D Perdue

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Bring Back The Bible And Morals Back To All Schools

The United States of America! Founded on Christianity and is an English speaking country. We have reached a very dangerous point as a society. They are trying to keep pastors out of the military. No prayers at burials, sports events, public gatherings, (political or otherwise). I am tired of the double standard that "we don't want to offend anyone," But no one really cares the Christians are offended. I use the term Christians loosely. I am referring to believers in Christ. Those who take pride in their faith in God through Jesus Christ. When I last worked for the school district there was still a 1 moment of silence set apart in the morning. Many teachers did not respect this. The Superintendent didn't care to hear about it. We are in a twisted and perverted world. It's time that we take it back!!

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