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Bring Back Dallas, The ABC, CBS, Soap Operas to Television.

Because soap are important, for many reasons, especially how much they mean to their many fans.

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Tessa Kendall McKenzie
Tessa Kendall McKenzie Campaign leader

Soaps are struggling these days and many predict their ultimate demise, but fans will have the last word. Too many people have not only…Read More

Soaps As A Mirror On Society - Let's Talk About Soaps

Let's Talk About Soaps
The popular perception of soap operas among those who are not fans is that this form of television entertainment is little better than reality TV with outrageously unbelievable storylines, B-grade acting and a genre where actors who can’t make it in prime time TV or movies go to linger. Fans of soaps know better. For the true fan, a soap opera is…Read More

Finally, we have to be prepared to not rest on success. When the soaps come back will we watch and support them? We must! If we don’t they…Read More

Standing Up For Soaps! - Let's Talk About Soaps

Let's Talk About Soaps
David Arwood   Every soap fans feels battered by the many cancellations and loss of our favorite shows and beloved stars, but there is one thing soap fans should not feel and that is defeated! We have the power to bring our soaps back, but it will require thinking outside the box and taking our case to the political and economic leaders who…Read More

Its statements like these that strike fear into TV executives and advertisers, and often they listen to these passionate fans. They pay…Read More

Hell Hath No Furry Like Soap Star Scorned - Let's Talk About Soaps

Let's Talk About Soaps
Hell Hath No Furry Like Soap Star Scorned October 14, 2013 by David Arwood 64 Comments September 2013 marked two years since ABC cancelled the much beloved “All My Children” and took soap icon Susan Lucci and her alter ego Erica Kane away from the daily lives of soap fans. When ABC made this move they cited declining ratings and expensive…Read More
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