Honey bees are going extinct

because of excessive use of pesticides in crops and certain blood-sucking parasites that only reproduce in bee colonies. Extinction of bees will affect plants, animals, availability of fuels, topography, clothing and of course, human life. I want to raise awareness of the threats to bees.  Bee Extinction Would Mean the End of Humanity. Honeybees are going extinct because of excessive use of pesticides in crops and certain blood-sucking parasites that only reproduce in bee colonies. Before we go any further let’s take this time to look at the facts the I have for bee extinction.

With bee extinction some plants are pollinated by wind, but that rate is very slow. Insects are the primary pollinators on the planet. Beetles and butterflies also pollinate, but bees are the most efficient insects for this purpose. Out of the 100 crop species that provide us with 90% of our food, 35% are pollinated by bees, birds and bats. Since the end of World War 2, the use of pesticides in agriculture has increased exponentially. This intense use of pesticides, known as neonicotinoids (a relatively new class of insecticides that affect the central nervous system of insects, resulting in paralysis and death), has had a major role in the bees. Along with pesticides, parasites known as Varrao mites also called Varrao destructors are also responsible for their death. My issue is bee extinction. Bee extinction needs to stop because of the affection of plants and animals, the affection of fuels and clothing would increase use of fossil fuels and because of the effect of humans- famine and prices.

The affection of plants and animals because if bees die then there will be no bees to help pollenate the plants so they keep growing and living. If bees don’t pollenate plants, then the plants will die and then it will leave animals to go extinct because they won’t have any food and they will pass away from starvation. If all the world's bees died off, there would be major rippling effects throughout ecosystems. Several plants, such as many of the bee orchids, are pollinated exclusively by specific bees, and they would die off without human intervention. So, if bees die it will also affect the affection of fuels and clothing would increase use of fossil fuels.

The affection of fuels and clothing would increase use of fossil fuels therefore there will be no Canola, which is grown to use as both a fuel and cooking oil, depends highly on pollination. It is also used to produce biofuel. If we were to run out of biofuel, we’d have to rely on fossil fuels completely, thus putting further pressure on the environment. It also effects cloths because Cotton is very reliant on pollination. The disappearance of bees will lead to a huge setback in cotton production, as it will significantly reduce our choices in clothes good luck enduring the humidity of the tropical regions while wearing nylon attire. So, if bees die it will also affect humans- famine and prices.

The affection of humans- famine and prices will reduce less production of food crops will ultimately lead to worldwide famine. Hunger and poverty will be very common. Freshwater will start drying up as well as, as there will be less trees for water retention to occur. With less water and diminishing food, humans will die of thirst and starvation. Fertility would also suffer a setback, followed by a drop in the rate of reproduction. Ultimately, we wouldn’t be able to sustain and would be forced into extinction within a few hundred years. Unless scientists build robotic bees to do the jobs that honeybees once did, we’re ultimately doomed. And although this isn’t the most serious repercussion, we would never again taste that sweet, savory honey that we forcibly steal from honeybees every day. So, if bees go extinct the world will pretty much die because bees pollinate everything for the human world.

If bees go extinct the world will end so bees can’t go extinct because bees are the most important animal alive. Bees pollinate flowers and plants to make honey and other food sources for humans to eat and stay alive. Action needs to be taken on be extinction because bees are so important, they keep everyone alive with the pollination. If bees go extinct there will be no life because flowers and plants will die and then animals will die because there won’t be any plants or flowers and then humans will end up passing away because there will be no animals for food or plants and flowers to grow food.

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