My campaign goal is to stop palm oil from being used as it is killing orangutans. This campaign is important because stopping the use of palm oils will stop the killing of orangutans and stop the destruction of their habitat.

There needs to be a stop to the destruction of the rainforest because palm
oil farming is destroying the rainforest and is killing a variety of animal and plant species but the most need of help is the orangutans. The orangutans are becoming extinct. Stopping palm oil farming will help the environment and the wildlife. The destruction of the forest for oil farming Palm creates carbon that is released into the atmosphere, causing global warming. This campaign will be focusing on the extinction of orangutans, habitat loss and climate change.

The first argument that I will be pushing forward is the extinction of orangutans. With the research that I have conducted it is very sad to see how many orangutans are killed each year. It is estimate that 1,000 orangutans are killed a year. In 2006, at least 1,500 orangutans were clubbed to death by palm workers . The Sumatran orangutan has been estimated that there are only 7500 left in the wild.

The second argument is habitat loss. Palm oil farming is a big contribute to habitat loss because by farming palm oil the forest are removed to plant palm trees for harvesting the oils from the trees. Orangutans to locate their food. Orangutans are also likely to not reproduce when food is scarce. From the website There has been 132 rescued and 88 from isolated forests and 44 from the illegal pet trade.

My third argument is climate change. Palm oil farming is the largest driver of Indonesian deforestation. The Rainforest Alliance claims that deforestation contributes to 10% of the world emissions, because when trees are knocked down that release stored carbon back into the environment. Additionally ponds of wastewater at palm oil refineries release amounts of methane, a greenhouse gas which is more potent than carbon dioxide.

In conclusion if we are to save the orangutans from extinction, things need to change and change now. Palm oil farming needs to stop, this can be done by consumers becoming aware if palm oil in their foods, if people don’t eat products that has palm oil in it, and then there is no need for palm oil farms. And if there is no need for palm oil farms there is no need to destroy orangutans’ habitat which is causing food source loss, increased interaction with humans and climate change. It is a simple thing that everyone can do is stop buying palm oil products.

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