My specific goal is to change the environment of the Great Barrier Reef by finding better ways to stop the pollution and the sea levels and the climate change of the great barrier reef 

This campaign is important cause not many people really think and report about the great barrier reef, its manly forgotten cause people think it’s okay to bleach and dredge the coral. The Great Barrier Reef is need of help and change, the three reasons I’m trying to get across to the public to help the great barrier reef are Climate change, water quality and fishing   The first reason I decided was climate change. Climate change is the greatest threat to the Great Barrier Reef and coral reefs worldwide. 

The coral bleaching and the major cyclone that occurred in 2017 impacted 80 percent of the reef over the last two-three years.  Bill shorten states that the labour party will restore funding back to great barrier reef, ensuring the public money is returned to the reef. $44 million has been given to the Great Barrier Reef to ensure it survives and thrives.  Water quality in the Great Barrier Reef is influenced by land based run off, is recognised as one of the most significant threats to the long-term health and resilience of the Great Barrier reef, Coral reefs and the ecosystems they sustain.  

The water quality currently from land-based run off is affecting communities for tourist and fishing carters and enthusiast. Overfishing affects the great barrier reef and damages the coral habitat. New researchers from ARC centre of excellence for coral reef studies at James Cook university have found that removing predatory fish such as coral trout and snapper, through fishing, causes significant changes to make up the reefs fish populations.

  In conclusion I highly recommend that change to the Great Barrier Reef needs change immediately.  These are the three main issues in society today with the Great Barrier Reef.  The government needs to invest more money into the Great Barrier Reef to keep it cleaner and stop the fishing carters going through the main points of the reef.

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