Homelessness in Australia is an issue that is a

silently affecting the people within our local communities. With  43,552 people under the age of 25, 17,845 of those are under the age of ten experiencing this issue nightly. Also changing the stigma around this topic of homelessness within the media will help those struggling

Within this campaign tackling the raising cost of living, domestic violence and drug abuse will help homelessness decrease and begin to help those struggling.

With 63% of homeless within Australia living in major cities it is topic that needs to addressed within our nation to being to help them people. There are many repercussions for this issue from economic issues for the nations through to high unemployment. Services which are provided to help the homeless are not being maximised with only 9% of the homeless actively looking for help as these people feel ashamed of their current state. Helping the homeless tackle issues with the services that help put there life back on track and not making the people feel humiliated about this problem.  

The one primary cause of the issue of homelessness is the increase of the cost of living. An example of the rising cost of living is through the price of renting a property is currently on average $293 across the nation. A lack of Wage growth is a major factor which does not help this issue and the lack of employment opportunities limits the amount of ways for Australians to get out of this predicament.

Another cause of homelessness in Australia is the raising amount of domestic violence. And also according to Institute of Health and Welfare 38% of all people requesting assistance from specialist homelessness agencies were experiencing domestic violence. And almost half that were asking for assistance were presented with children. And through violence within the home its shows the results of 43,552 people who are homeless are under the age of 25. The issue of domestic violence results and adds to the issue of homelessness and is an issue that needs to be addressed as well.

There are many ways you can help the homeless with things such as donating time and money to the charities which help these people. But a major way to help these people are just making them feel like a human by talking to them and not making them feel singled out. Also standing up for the voiceless by making your vote count in things such as elections. With these way to help these people that are struggling will help tackle this major issue.

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