Feel like it’s getting hotter every summer? This is because of global

warming which is affecting our planets temperature every year. The definition of global warming is, ‘Global warming, the phenomenon of increasing average air temperatures near the surface of Earth over the past one to two centuries’ (Britannica Encyclopaedia, 2019.)

 My goal to reduce global warming by recycling CO2 emissions and turning it into fuel, thus creating another renewable resource.

This campaign important because CO2 is produced frequently every day and if we recycle it we can reduce global warming. This campaign is important because CO2 is produced frequently every day and if we can recycle it we can reduce global warming and climate change.

We need big companies to convert to C02 recycling methods to reduce the huge amount of CO2 that industrial factories produce. We also need the everyday house owner to convert to solar power to reduce CO2 emissions. The reason why we need to start recycling CO2 emissions is because CO2 is contributing to the greenhouse effect, contributing to climate change which is affecting animals and the environment and also because humans are the main reason why global warming is happening at such an alarming rate.

Firstly, CO2 is contributing to the greenhouse effect and global warming.

This means that if people on this earth keep producing CO2 they are contributing to the warming of our atmosphere and the earth.

An increase in the amount of carbon dioxide creates an overabundance of greenhouse gases that trap additional heat. The IPCC says a 1.5°C average rise may put 20-30% of species at risk of extinction. If the planet warms by more than 2°C, most ecosystems will struggle (WWF, 2019).

These facts from multiple sources show that CO2 is having a negative effect on our atmosphere and our planet.

Second of all global warming is affecting the environment, our animals and ecosystems and causing some species to become extinct.

This means that global warming is killing multiple species and destroying multiple ecosystems because of the greenhouse effect.

The ocean is now 26% more acidic than before the Industrial Revolution due to the greenhouse effect. Global sea levels are rising 0.13 inches (3.2 millimetres) a year and are more acidic now then they have been in the past 300,000 years (Wired, September 2017).

This evidence further proves how much damage we are doing to our environment where animals are living.

Lastly it has been proven factual that global warmings effects are increasing due to human action.

This means that global warming and its effects on the earth have multiplied since humans begun producing more harmful greenhouse gases.

It has been found that there is 40% more carbon dioxide in the atmosphere since the Industrial Revolution. Chemical analysis of the atmospheric CO2 that reveals the increase is coming from humans burning fossil fuels (EDF, 2018).

These facts prove the point that humans are destroying the earth slowly and increasing the effects of global warming and climate change.

In order for things to change we need to convince big companies to convert to Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) in order to recycle CO2 emissions and create fuel and another renewable resource just like solar. This also means that the average household owner should convert to solar power.

These actions need to be taken because us, humans are slowly killing the earth with our industrial machines and the burning of fossil fuels.

In conclusion we need to act and stop the ridiculous amount of greenhouse gases that we create every day just from burning fuels and running machines. This is destroying the environment and it is sending animals extinct due to temperatures rising. So please support my campaign and save the planet before it is too late.

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