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This article shows that Human Trafficking in Australia is still a big issue

Human trafficking and slavery still happen in Australia. This comic explains how

The Conversation
We might not want to believe it, but human trafficking and slavery happens in Australia. Slavery is not an historical artefact, but a tragic reality for millions of people around the world, including in Australia. Recently, the term “modern slavery” has been used to contrast contemporary forms of slavery from historical slavery such as that…Read More

This article shows how human trafficking is being used by ISIS and other terrorist groups

Human Trafficking Continues To Be Used By Terrorists: The ICC Must Address It

Earlier this week, Julia Crawford from justiceinfo.net discussed the reasons why the International Criminal Court (ICC) has failed to prioritize human trafficking. These can be boiled down to three systemic obstacles: lack of evidence against criminals, stigma, and domestic laws that fail to protect the victims they should be assisting. Rape…Read More
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