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Joshua Teofilo
Joshua Teofilo Campaign leader

This article is about water pollution and it’s aimed at everyone to inspire people to make a change and reduce the current amount of…Read More

Freshwater 101: Pollution

From big pieces of garbage to invisible chemicals, a wide range of pollutants end up in our planet's lakes, rivers, streams, and groundwater—and eventually the oceans. Water pollution—along with drought, inefficiency, and an exploding population—has contributed to a freshwater crisis, threatening the sources upon which we rely for drinking water…Read More
Joshua Teofilo
Joshua Teofilo Campaign leader

It shows how bad some third world countries pollution is. Reading this article will alert you to the fact that pollution in third world…Read More

Electronic Marvels Turn Into Dangerous Trash in East Africa

The New York Times
DAR ES SALAAM, Tanzania — After nightfall, when trash covers the streets of the busy Kariakoo market here, compactor trucks rumble along followed by men in green uniforms and women wearing skirts and rubber boots. Armed with brooms and shovels, they sweep up the usual detritus of discarded vegetables and fruit, along with bottles and plastic…Read More
Joshua Teofilo
Joshua Teofilo Campaign leader

This article is about the Great Barrier Reef and the purpose is to inform everyone about how brilliant the Great Barrier Reef is and how…Read More

Great Barrier Reef

Australia's Great Barrier Reef is great in every way. One of the world's seven natural wonders, it is a prized World Heritage Area, the largest coral reef system and the biggest living structure on the planet. It sprawls over a jaw-dropping 344,400 square kilometres – an area so large that it can be seen from space. Located off the Queensland…Read More
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