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Veronica You
Veronica You Campaign leader

Here is the CDC information on recess and physical activity in schools. It has additional information on healthy schools as well.

Recess | Physical Activity | Healthy Schools | CDC

Recess is a regularly scheduled period in the school day for physical activity and play that is monitored by trained staff or volunteers.1,2 During recess, students are encouraged to be physically active and engaged with their peers in activities of their choice, at all grade levels, kindergarten through 12th grade.1,3 Recess benefits students…Read More
Veronica You
Veronica You Campaign leader

Here is the full 2018 Survey conducted by Voice of Play and the International Play Equipment Manufacturing Association (IPEMA), you can see…Read More

2018 Survey on Recess - Voice of Play

Voice of Play
New Survey from IPEMA and the Voice of Play Finds U.S. Teachers Place High Value on Recess Data uncovered the positive impacts of recess on student development, behavior and social interactions HARRISBURG, Pa., March 19, 2018 – Research shows that outdoor free play gives kids many valuable benefits, including the growth of physical,…Read More