One single net, in one day in the south Pacific in 2015,

entangled 97 dolphins, 11 larger cetaceans, and 10 sea turtles.

Drift nets are damaging our marine environment and causing us to overfish. Overfishing is the removal of a species of fish from a body of water at a rate that the species cannot replenish in time, resulting in those species either becoming depleted or very underpopulated in that given area.  I want to abolish all drift nets in Australia to reduce the amount of overfishing and damage to the reefs from the nets dragging along them. There are many other ways to catch fish instead of using drag nets that are environmentally damaging. My campaign is important to our environment since these drag nets are damaging the coral below the nets and these nets also cause us to overfish. Overfishing and drift nets need to be stopped.

Drift nets are lengthy, and they need to be removed. Drift nets are lengthy free-floating, 26-49 ft deep nets, each as long as 90km that drift along and scoop up anything in its way. Drift nets are not very selective of species and their use results in a large by-catch of non-target fish, sharks, turtles, seabirds, and marine mammals, which are usually discarded, dead, back to the ocean. If we don’t change our use of drift nets we will lose more marine species and destroy their homes. Using drift nets is causing us to catch to many fish the them to repopulate. Drift nets destroy the reefs they drag across and these nets are also killing sharks, dolphins, turtles.

Using drift nets is catching fish faster than they can reproduce and is decreasing the amount of fish in our oceans. Drift nets drift along the ocean picking up any marine life in their path and these nets pick up thousands of fish each time they are released. Fish stocks are overfished and 90% of global fish stocks are fully or overfished. These drift nets are causing us to overfish and not allowing the fish to replenish due to the quantity that we are catching.

In addition drift nets cause damage to the reef that the nets drag along and break of coral and destroy the reef overtime. When the drift nets are dropped down they drift through the ocean and drag along reefs and destroy the homes of the marine environment. The nets drift along the reefs and damage the net and causing loose bits of net to float through our oceans and they are called ghost nets. Folds of loose netting called ghost nets, much like a window drapery, snag on a fish's tail and fins and wrap the fish up in loose netting as it struggles to escape. This is another reason drift nets need to be removed and use more environmentally useful tactics.

Finally, drift nets also kill sharks, dolphins and turtles. They are caught by the nets and are just thrown back in the water dead. As stated earlier, one single net, in one day, entangled 97 dolphins, 11 larger cetaceans, and 10 sea turtles, many of which include  endangered species. According to endangered dolphins are an extremely concerning area for marine biologists and naturalists because if a dolphin becomes endangered it increases the chances that the species may become extinct or unable to repopulate quickly enough to create a sustainable species. Not only would their species become extinct, it would also create an imbalance in the oceans ecosystem and food chain. These nets need to be removed as these animals should not be caught in these nets as they are not the target.

In order for things to change we need to remove all drift nets as there are many alternative ways to catch fish, just not as rapidly and in smaller quantities. Doing this will allow the fish more time to replenish and fish stocks will become more stable. Follow my campaign by pledging your support and signing my petition letter to abolish all drift nets. "The ocean is like a checking account where everybody withdraws but nobody makes a deposit. This is what's happening because of overfishing." ~ Enric Sala This must change.

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