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This is a photo of the amount of fish caught in 1 day using drift nets. Catching the amount of fish we do is causing overfishing and the…Read More

Overfishing - Wikipedia

Overfishing is the removal of a species of fish from a body of water at a rate that the species cannot replenish in time, resulting in those species either becoming depleted or very underpopulated in that given area. Overfishing has spread all over the globe and has been present for centuries.[1] Overfishing can occur in water bodies of any…Read More

Drift nets are designed to catch fish but these nets also capture dolphins, turtles even sharks. These creatures are captured with the nets…Read More

Overfishing -- National Geographic

Ocean overfishing is simply the taking of wildlife from the sea at rates too high for fished species to replace themselves. The earliest overfishing occurred in the early 1800s when humans, seeking blubber for lamp oil, decimated the whale population. Some fish that we eat, including Atlantic cod and herring and California's sardines, were also…Read More

These nets may cause damage to marine life in the future as they can’t see them or they believe its food.

Overfishing is as big a threat to humanity as it is to our oceans | Dermot O'Gorman

the Guardian
There has never been a more urgent time for seafood businesses and fishing nations to make a commitment to sustainability. The world’s oceans are in trouble, with marine life plummeting and the people who are dependent on the sea for income and food left increasingly vulnerable. Data shows populations of fish and other marine vertebrates,…Read More
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