beautiful oceans that us humans love spending the day at swimming and spending a lovely time with our families are getting ruined by rubbish, killing sea creatures and making our ocean disgusting to swim in.

My goal is to spread the message that enough is enough, and we need to come together as a community and clean up our beaches and ocean.

My campaign is important because this can spread awareness about how us humans are polluting our oceans and beaches so much it’s causing danger to our sea creatures by killing them and putting us humans in danger of going swimming in filthy, disgusting, polluted waters.

Before plastics our oceans were beautiful crystal-clear water with hardly any pollution in them. The beach was so inviting to tourists attracting sometimes hundreds of thousands of people to spend the day at any beautiful beach.

People are not aware of the damage pollution is doing to our oceans, causing sea creatures to strangle to death. Also, our ocean is getting filthy from us polluting in it and is starting to not look very inviting to go swimming in.

If we don’t make a change in the way we dispose of our rubbish and plastics our oceans and beaches will turn into a rubbish pit and us humans won’t be able to spend the day swimming and having a good time because our ocean will be polluted with disgusting rubbish. Also this could lead to our beautiful sea creatures going extinct and we can’t afford for that to happen[RC1]  because our sea creatures are about of our food chain.

Ocean pollution needs to stop because it is killing sea creatures, making humans sick and it is bad for tourism.

·         We need to stop polluting our oceans and beaches because it is killing our sea creatures causing wildlife to get caught up and strangle to death on plastic and rubbish. Ocean pollution affects more than 817 animal species around the world. By: Drew Brucker

·         October 9, 2017

We have to stop polluting our ocean because it is becoming unsafe for many reasons. One reason is us humans are getting sick from our polluted water and only we can change this by not littering.

Oceans are fundamental to the health of our planet, the very lifeblood of earth’s ecosystem. To survive and prosper, mankind needs a harmonious relationship with our planet’s oceans.

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