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Demand Congress Outlaw Animal Cruelty on Federal Property

A strange loophole might enable animal cruelty on federal property. Tell Congress to close the loophole now.

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    Animals are a lot more like us than some people like to admit.  They think, feel, love and can…Read More

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Stop Animal Cruelty
Stop Animal Cruelty Campaign leader

Read about the importance of a federal law banning animal cruelty.

Another horrific puppy mill: Why Congress should crack down on animal cruelty
The news stories and photos from a Berrien County, Ga., puppy mill are half past maddening: In recent days, authorities have removed more than 700 dogs from the wretched facility. Rescuers reported that the dogs had been living in tiny crates stacked one atop another. Many of the canines were unwashed and covered in feces and were never exercised.…Read More