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Conor Reynolds
Conor Reynolds Campaign leader

this article tells you how you can save the tiger and make a better life for them

tiger Facts, information, pictures | Encyclopedia.com articles about tiger

tiger, large carnivore of the cat family, Panthera tigris, found in the forests of Asia. There are six subspecies of P. tigris: Amur or Siberian, Sumatran, Malayan, North Indochinese, Bengal, and South China or Amoy. The differences in subspecies are defined for the most part by their ranges. Amur tigers, commonly called Siberian, are native to…Read More
Conor Reynolds
Conor Reynolds Campaign leader

this article tell you how there becoming extinct

Tigers - National Geographic Magazine

Ranthambore National Park, India Dawn, and mist holds the forest. Only a short stretch of red dirt track can be seen. Suddenly—emerging from the red-gold haze of dust and misted light—a tigress ambles into view. First she stops to rub her right-side whiskers against a roadside tree. Then she crosses the road and rubs her left-side whiskers. Then…Read More
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