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Put an End to Cruel "Killing Contests"

Some areas of the US organize killing contests where people try to kill the most wild animals. Let's stop this cruelty

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    Animals are a lot more like us than some people like to admit.  They think, feel, love and can…Read More

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Stop Animal Cruelty
Stop Animal Cruelty Campaign leader

Read about the cruel killing contests that occur far too frequently in the United States.

Coyote Carnage: The Gruesome Truth about Wildlife Killing Contests

Yale E360
Wildlife killing contests are legal in all U.S. states save California. The most popular targets are coyotes — “varmints,” as they’re commonly called even by some wildlife officials. Contestants fan out into the countryside, and, with rifles often equipped with telescopic sights, methodically pick off any coyote that is flushed out by dogs or…Read More