Boycott Wisconsin and there products from October until February every year... in protest of the wolf hunt. Money is the only thing that this republican led state government understands and a state like Wisconsin that derives much income from tourist may take notice when hotels and shops suffer during the wolf hunt season. If you are in Wisconsin ask shop owners if they are wolf friendly before buying a product or service. After all, it is the hunters dollars that got this hunt started. Book your winter ski or snowmobiling trip to a place where there is no wolf hunting yet.
Wisconsin has killed 117 of only 800 wolves in the state of Wisconsin in 2012 and over 200 will be slaughtered in 2013. ACTION IS NEEDED Call Gov.Walker and tell him to end wolf hunting and trapping in his state now. Share photos of the wolf slaughter with Secretary Sally Jewell at the United States Department of the Interior and tell her how states management is killing wolves.

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