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Niels Poul Dreyer

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Stop "Fast Track" For The Tpp

I do not want the Koch Brothers and the Tea Party in the US to decide how we are going to live and eat in Denmark. I do not want to be controlled by foreign corporations. I want to keep my freedom to elect a government which will be able to protect our environment and workplace. Big business shall not determine my future. I want democracy, not capitalistic dictatorship!

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Dawn Fairbee

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Stop "Fast Track" For The Tpp

We don't want foreigners to get into the United states, without a security guard, to search bags, boats, clothing, shoes, socks, cars, air plains, criminal records from their country by SSN numbers, full range federal and state, and country back round checks to and from US. Thank you, Remember the 9-11 and those stupid ISIS groups. We as Americans are frightened of foreigners, because we never know what could happen next. Two other issues need addressed, diseases they must have vaccinations after making it to US immigrants, and in addition look by police and feds for human sex trafficking, and drugs or other illegal cargo, because we as Americans fear and we don't want any of it in our country. Thank you, and track, Time for all changes necessary now! Born in southern Florida, American gal, Dawn DeAngelo. This TPP needs addressed as well, The US government, FDA needs involved.

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