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End the British Columbia Wolf Cull

For the next 5 years, British Columbia will be culling wolves in a last-ditch effort to save the remaining caribou

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    I would describe myself as a passionate person who has a real problem with the way animals are…Read More

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Makoi Anderson
Makoi Anderson Campaign leader

This article gives an overview of exactly what is wrong with the wolf cull. The reasoning for this fatal decision were wrong, and we need…Read More

BC wolf cull: Caribou population endangered by humans, not wolves

Beacon News
Planned BC wolf cull will not change main factors in caribou population decline BC wolf cull does not address the part humans play in the shrinking caribou population. Most of the media reports I have seen on B.C.’s planned wolf cull are giving the public the wrong impression. What I have been hearing on radio, TV and online news is that the…Read More