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Represents new attack on prairie dogs, as states move to overturn any prairie dog rulings.

Utah prairie dog ruling stokes national conversation about endangered species

WASHINGTON — The legal and political fallout from a late fall ruling on the Utah prairie dog is starting to gather momentum, promising a contentious fight over the extent of Endangered Species protections. A Tuesday discussion on the decision out of U.S. District Court for Utah was hosted in part by the Pacific Legal…Read More

Typical wildlife management in the West.

State management plan for Utah prairie dog would allow up to 6,000 to be killed

The Salt Lake Tribune
Under the plan, wildlife managers would be able to "take" or kill a maximum of 6,000 Utah prairie dogs annually to protect "human safety, development and agricultural/rangelands conflicts." Those who kill the animals will have to notify the state wildlife agency. It would still be illegal for anyone to move live prairie dogs or to use poison,…Read More
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