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Jake Anderson
Jake Anderson Campaign leader

This article shows various Myths then facts about the homeless.

Mythbusting our homeless

Mythbusting our homeless - Why they’re not who you think they are National Homelessness Conference - Gold Coast, Sept 10-12 A staggering 105,000 of your fellow Australians are homeless every single day. But they’re quite likely not who you think they are. In fact, you may be mixing with them on a regular basis, without even realising. With…Read More
Jake Anderson
Jake Anderson Campaign leader

This article is about the homeless assistant company ‘Rose’. The goal of ‘Rose’ is to help the homeless out as much as they possibly can.…Read More

Specialist homelessness services 2013-14

The number of people receiving support from homelessness services rose in 2013-14 - with 254,001 people assisted over the year. However, the number of people whom services could not assist also continued to rise. Last year, on average, 423 people were unable to be assisted each day. Domestic and family violence continues to be the single…Read More
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