I have been rescuing animals for 6 years now.  As a compassionate human being, and seeing the suffering of so many animals nearly on a daily basis, I have finally decided to strive to make my dream a reality and start an animal rescue/sanctuary for homeless animals in need.  My focus will be mostly dogs but cats and other domestic or small farm animals will not be turned away if space is available. 

My dream is to purchase some land in the near future and build a very modest home for myself and my current dogs/fosters while finding the assistance needed to also build a barn type facility that can house rescue animals in a secure yet comfortable manner.  I am perfectly fine to personally live in a shanty myself until I can gradually build something later on... but need to have proper facilities for these animals.  Ideally I would love to be able to have 12-14 large enclosures that are indoor/outdoor both allowing each dog the ability to have proper protection from the elements and extreme cold/heat while providing them the ability to enjoy the outdoors as well with attached outdoor kennels that are accessible at all times.  In addition to these 12-14 larger enclosures I would like to have 6-8 smaller enclosures that would easily accommodate smaller breeds as well with the same accommodations.   An attached small office that connects to another smaller room designated solely as a quarantine area for dogs who may be ill/injured (and for pregnant and nursing mothers and their offspring) to be contained until they are able to see a vet or until they are ready and can join the others without risking the spread of any contagious illnesses.   This room will also offer these more special cases to decompress with limited noise and disruptions that the larger general area would offer. This is just a basic outline of what I hope to accomplish and together with the support of other animal loving friends (and strangers/future friend) I hope to be able to do my part and save many more lives. 

My immediate plan is to gather as many signatures as I am able to get and then contact the corporate offices of Lowes and Home Depot in an effort to explain my plight to them and hopefully get them interested in joining this cause and possibly donating new, damaged or returned items they are unable to resell that could be used in this project. Of course monetary donations and gifts in kind donations via the mail or online purchase with local store pickups are welcome and appreciated to from others who believe in what I am trying to do and who would like to get involved and offer some assistance.  A dream like this is a community effort and together we can move mountains. 

As of now I am living in the city and I have more dogs than the city limit due to adoption returns and very hard to place dogs and medical case rescues that require very specific type homes.  Daily I am stressed with worry over the noise level of so many dogs and worried that at any moment I could be reported by a fed up neighbor and all the dogs will be removed.  The city I reside in does not adopt our bully breeds and to surrender them to a shelter would be a death sentence and it is something I am desperately trying to avoid by finding alternate living arrangements so I can continue to help them and others too.  My current rental is small and just not capable of housing all of these dogs in a productive manner and every few weeks as of a couple of months ago adopters are returning dogs to me that they no longer want or for problems that could easily be corrected if the desire to do so was there.  I am desperate but hopeful that a solution will present itself.  Rescue is a large part of my life and my recovery (cancer survivor) and I hope that if there is a will that there is a way to make this happen and keep my promises to these animals and hundreds more over the course of my life.

If you would like to personally make a contribution (home improvement store giftcards, dog foods and supplies or monetary) to this project, please contact me at [email protected] (which is also my paypal account email for donations) for mailing/shipping address.  If you are unable to donate directly, your signature is still very important to this cause.

I thank you all for taking the time to visit my 'page' and many thank sas well to all that choose to get involved. 

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