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This website gives you a description about what chemical water pollution is and what types of pollution there are, and even some solutions.

Chemicals and Pollutants | Environmental Health Student Portal

The Basics It might surprise you to learn that chemicals from products we use every day can eventually end up in our water. Just look around your home. Do you see any batteries, paint, or medicines? If you don’t get rid of these products correctly, they can cause chemicals to end up in the water supply. In fact, your water can be affected by…Read More

This article gives you an description of the effects of ocean pollution on marine mammals and shows how aquatic life is affected

Ocean Pollution and Marine Mammals – BlueVoice.org

< Ocean Issues The Effects of Ocean Pollution on Marine Mammals By Bob Bohle The impact of humans has now reached every square mile of Earth’s oceans, and implications are ominous for ocean creatures and humans alike. In a study released in the February 2008 journal Science, researchers found…Read More
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