Signed, sealed and delivered...

  • Update #5

Thank you to everyone who signed and shared this cause with others!  Thanks to you, my 2nd graders realize their voices count and they know they are capable of doing meaningful things even at a young age.  We have sent our petition to the president of the WWF…Read More

Please share!

  • Update #3

My 2nd graders have 1,515 signatures!  They are so proud they have met their original goal of 1,000 signatures.  We are trying for 2,000 and are so close!  Please help us reach our goal and show them that they are capable citizens even at a young age :)

Excellent work!

  • Update #2

We are almost at 1,000 signatures, so my 2nd graders suggested we go for 2,000!  Let's not let disappoint them!  Please continue to share this cause and add signatures to our petition for the survival of such a delicate and special species. 

Gaining momentum!

  • Update #1

Thank you SO very much, all of you, for sharing our cause and supporting not only the Ili Pika, but my second graders as well!  Their smiles are so heartwarming, they're so grateful for your help!  Please continue to spread the word.  Y'all are awesome!