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Stop Police Brutality Against People With Disabilities

Police Brutality is destroying families, stealing lives and tearing our communities apart.

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    Founder of Wabi Sabi Productions and passionate about developing and supporting our youth.

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Emmitt Thrower
Emmitt Thrower Campaign leader

Getting the word out is important in helping to generate interest and momentum for our fundraising campaign. Please share this Blog Article…Read More

Where Is Hope? documentary fundraiser

Who Am I To Stop It
Listen to this post:  Emmitt Thrower (Wabi Sabi Productions Inc) and Leroy Moore (Krip Hop Nation) started a documentary project on police brutality against people with disabilities in 2011. Then, Leroy and DJ Quad produced a CD mix-tape of original songs and poetry on police brutality in 2012. I have the CD and love it. This kind of work is so…Read More
Emmitt Thrower
Emmitt Thrower Campaign leader

Does the Disability Community Need A Documentary On Police Brutality From A Retired Disabled Black Cop?

Does the disability community need a documentary on police brutality from a retired disabled Black cop?

San Francisco Bay View
by Emmitt H Thrower Police brutality is at epidemic levels nationwide. Every day a new report of someone brutalized or killed by the police is blasted about on social networks and in mainstream media. While this trend is hardly new, we were just not as aware of the immense scope of it as a community. It has been in the forefront of people’s mind…Read More
Emmitt Thrower
Emmitt Thrower Campaign leader

Where Is Hope? A Documentary Project Against Police Brutality

Retired NYC Police Officer Launches Police Brutality Documentary Project on GoFundMe | PRLog

All Press Releases By Wabi Sabi Productions Inc.
    PRLog - March 24, 2015 - BRONX, N.Y. -- Today Wabi Sabi Productions Inc and Krip Hop Nation launch a new fundraising effort on GoFundMe for their four part documentary series entitled "Where Is Hope." This project is an examination of police brutality as it relates to people with disabilities. Retired disabled NYC police officer Emmitt H…Read More
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