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Kyle Harbrow
Kyle Harbrow Campaign leader

This article is about the Democratic republic of Congo, and it provides useful information about child soldiers and gives a few statistics…Read More

Child Soldiers in DRC — Child Soldiers

Child Soldiers in DRC The Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), formerly Zaire, is no stranger to war and instability. Political violence has blighted the country for decades. However, the violence intensified after the Rwandan civil war in 1994, when Rwandan Hutu rebels known as Interahamwe fled to the DRC, fearing reprisals for their part in the…Read More
Kyle Harbrow
Kyle Harbrow Campaign leader

This article is extremely important as it shows information about The democratic republic of Congo, and provides helplines and other…Read More

Democratic Republic of Congo | War Child - The charity for children affected by war

What we're doing Night Ambulance and Drop-In Centre In Kinshasa we’re providing vital medical and emotional care to street children in one of the city’s most deprived districts. We run a Night Ambulance that tours the streets and alleys of Tshangu – looking for vulnerable young people in need of care. As well as the medical help, the social…Read More
Kyle Harbrow
Kyle Harbrow Campaign leader

This article is important because it gives real life facts about the child soldier situation that has been going on for years now. It also…Read More

Child soldiers: the facts - Peace Direct

Peace Direct
Congo has suffered a brutal war – over 5 million people have been killed and still the fighting continues. There are an estimated 7000 children being used in active warfare in congo. Children are prized by the rebel militias because they are ‘pure’ – a status that gives them special powers to prepare black magic potions and amulets to protect the…Read More
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