Not all teachers retire and take it easy. After serving as as teacher and school administrator in the USA, Ed Colina is working to improve the lives of impoverished women and children in sub-Saharan Africa.

Ed travels between Africa and North America raising awareness of pressing needs while addressing problems of hunger, abuse, lack of education and inadequate healthcare. He supports his programs through the sale of bead work
< >, and donations.

As another retired but not taking it easy educator, I am looking for folks who believe in the transforming power of education to join me in supporting a $5000 gift to The Ed Colina Foundation. I have raised $2700 already; I am seeking an additional $2300 through  to complete the campaign.

$5000 will enable the Foundation to build a new classroom AND provide the school fees, uniforms and food for 25 children for an entire year. Feeding young minds and bodies at the same time; imagine that! Some other financial benchmarks: Build another classroom - $ 2000 Give a cow - $450 Give a goat - $45 Want to make a positive, lasting impact on a child, a community, a nation? Here is your opportunity! Please join me in supporting The Ed Colina Foundation. Thank you.
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