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    Nic Samojluk, Ph. D. in religion is the author of two books: "From Pro-life to Pro-choice," and…Read More

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Nic Samojluk
Nic Samojluk Campaign leader

This article published by Advindicate and Adventist Today provides the evidence that abortion is the ultimate form of child abuse. If the…Read More

The ultimate form of child abuse

Abuse: A Loma Linda University Study A recently created video by the Loma Linda University (LLU) shows that physical, emotional, and sexual abuse in the Adventist community matches that of society in general. You can watch the dramatic testimony of several victims of child abuse and how they managed to overcome these dark experiences of their…Read More
Nic Samojluk
Nic Samojluk Campaign leader

This article provides evidence that the leadership of the church is still attached to the abortion business in spite of claims to the…Read More


Historical Background Most Adventists are aware that our pioneers were diametrically opposed to abortion, considered it to be a flagrant violation of one of God’s commandments of the Decalogue, and labeled it as plain murder. They were definitely pro-life. Many Adventists are also aware that this pro-life stance of the Adventist Church was…Read More
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