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This article matters because it gives the correct and raw information about child soldiers

First of 3,000 Child Soldiers Are Released in South Sudan

Jeffrey Gettleman
NAIROBI, Kenya — United Nations officials said on Tuesday that they had secured the release of 3,000 child soldiers in South Sudan, calling it one of the largest demobilizations of children ever. The first 280 children, ages 11 to 17, turned in their weapons and took off their fatigues on Tuesday in the village of Gumuruk in the war-ravaged…Read More

This article is important because it raises awareness about the government of Uganda

Child Soldiers International - Why South Sudan’s children are fighting again

NAIROBI, 12 February 2015 (IRIN) - Thousands of children are fighting with government and rebel forces in South Sudan, reversing a painstaking demobilization program and fanning calls for war crimes trials as a better way to protect minors from recruitment. To mark the International Day Against the Use of Child Soldiers, this article examines the…Read More

This article is important because it raises awareness about how brutal child soldiers really is

South Sudan: Child Soldiers Thrust into Battle | Human Rights Watch

(Juba) – South Sudan’s army has used child soldiers during recent fighting against opposition forces in violation of international law, Human Rights Watch said today. South Sudan’s former rebel forces, now the national army, had made tangible progress in ending its longtime practice of using child soldiers. But since the current armed conflict…Read More
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