Young women without resources find themselves in precarious and highly vulnerable situations. Most of these young/adolescent girls are carriers of goods to earn a living.

Where is their home? ON THE STREETS!

The Women in our societies are mainly looked upon to providing for their families and so this responsibility leaves a great burden on them. They are normally seen doing everything they come across which can earn them a daily wage and we need to assist them in building capital based ventures to ease their burdens.

The menace we wish to address is the aspect of;

a. The Girl-Child Education

Educating the Girl-Child is a priority if we want a future for our world and so PLOG has a vision of building more schools and also enrolling rescued girls and children in other available schools as well for the time been to educate them. Young mothers and those who cannot attend regular schools because of their children will also be enrolled on weekend classes to be taught by teachers who will be teaching them at home.

b. Rural - Urban migration

These fate-less girls not knowing where they are going or will end up because families rejects them or do not care about their welfare as orphans or leave home as a result of poor parenting do not inform parents of their intention and running from homes especially those in small towns and villages in their quest to seek greener pastures, independence etc in big towns and cities thereby ending them on the streets with no options.

c. Homelessness

As a result of the above, these young girls still in their adolescent or child age end up on the streets, sleeping anywhere they find convenient as no one is normally prepared to take them in as strangers. Therefore we seek to provide homes for them and their children by taking them off the streets. 

d. Teenage pregnancy/Sex trafficking & abuse/HIV AIDS, STD's, Disease Prevention and Human Right Aid

Without sense, knowledge and consciousness, most girls end up being raped at night when sleeping out in the open, men luring them into their rooms, workplaces, bushes etc and raping them. Also many end up in the hands of so called ‘MADAMS’, who use these innocent girls as workers and also forced labor.

These inhuman acts end these innocent girls getting pregnant, delivering, taken care of the innocent children etc all on the streets. At this same time vulnerable and deadly diseases such as HIV AIDS, Malaria, Gonorrhea etc are transmitted to them and their children and have no access to any healthcare.

For these reasons, we are also going to register them on the National Health Insurance Scheme (NHIS) and collaborate with Human Rights and Administrative Justice of Ghana to aid us bring all perpetrators of rape, sex trafficking, forced labor and other related issues to book and punished accordingly by law.

e. Skill Training/Micro-finance

Doing all the above without empowering these young women to engage in skill training and some small-scale businesses to help earn them a living means we have done no work at all and so we will be giving them training in food preparation and vending after which small loans will be allocated to set them up in business.

Sustainability of the project

Funds that will be put into this project will be re-generated through the repayment of small loans given and contributions by beneficiary members together with other donations and passed on to others in need as well.

We hereby propose the above project for consideration, funding, launching and implementation in Ghana.

Abuse of womanhood

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