Purrfect Pets is a no-kill, non-profit cat rescue and adoption organization serving the Greater Kansas City area. Their "home for homeless cats" was located inside the Metcalf South Shopping Center in Overland Park for eleven years, but they were forced to leave in July 2014 because of mall redevelopment. It was a challenge to find affordable retail space that allowed animals, but Purrfect Pets eventually found a spot inside the Great Mall of the Great Plains in Olathe. Through fundraising and donations, Purrfect Pets invested a large amount of money into renovating the space to build cat runs, private rooms, and open play areas so that the cats and kittens would not have to live in cages. They opened their shelter to the public in mid-October.

Now, after just four months at the new adoption center, the Van Trust Real Estate announced that the Great Mall is closing, and Purrfect Pets has to leave by the end of April. This is the second devastating blow in one year for this small, non-profit animal rescue organization.

Simply put, Purrfect Pets does not currently have funds available to move in such a short period of time. They are asking the community for assistance, but we would also ask that Van Trust Real Estate help Purrfect Pets relocate, since the company allowed the non-profit organization to move in and spend their limited funds on refurbishments. Purrfect Pets would not have moved in and used these funds if they had known the mall was closing so soon.

Signatures on a petition will put pressure on Van Trust Real Estate to do the right thing.  Please sign and ask Van Trust Real Estate to refrain from charging Purrfect Pets rent through April, and ask them to make a generous donation to help with the cost of their relocation.

Thank you!

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