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Kevin Burton

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Support The British Nuclear Test Veterans Recognition Campaign

My dad was on christmas island in the 1950's, like 1000's of other ex service men he was exposed to radiation after the huge nuclear bomb was detonated above the island. All they were told was to sit down, turn their backs away from the blast and put their hands over their eyes, no protective clothing what so ever. Around 22,000 men are thought to have witnessed the nuclear blasts between 1952 and 1967, with 3000 surviving today. Of those that remain, it is thought that three will die each month. The british government is the only one that has yet to admit any wrong doing to its service men. This campaign can change that, and gain long over due recognition to those that have witnessed the nuclear blasts. So by signing this petition for me you will be giving relief, recognition and a sense of achievement to thousands of family members of ex service men. And for the ones that have long past, maybe they can rest in peace knowing that they have been finally recognised for what they endured. many thanks Kevin burton son of stanley burton 38 regiment royal engineers rip.

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Tracey Morris

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Support The British Nuclear Test Veterans Recognition Campaign

During the Cold War over 20,000 nuclear veterans served our country in exceptional circumstances - witnessing, sometimes multiple, nuclear weapons' tests - and some in the Megaton range out in Australia and in the Pacific - Christmas Island. Duties did not just include witnessing detonations, but experiments to check clothing, masks and respirators were suitable for nuclear operations for example by crawling prone through the nuclear dust and through collecting sea and dust samples. In addition, there were many dirty operations at places such as Maralinga where plutonium still contaminates the land. And of course, service personnel were engaged in clear up operations. My wish as a historian of the Cold War and of Britain's Cold War nuclear weapon's test programme is for the service personnel to obtain the historical recognition they deserve. The veterans associated with the BNTVA have helped me no end with my research. And since we view history from the viewpoint of the present - think of your son or daughter having to go through what they went through...many of the servicemen had no choice, thanks to National Service. Please help me to help with the BNTVA's campaign. Thank you in anticipation.

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Brian Bevan

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Support The British Nuclear Test Veterans Recognition Campaign

I served at Maralinga Australia Air Task Group Antler under Wing Commander Ceasar RAF I was a Senior Tech Air Radar. We carried out 3 nuclear explosions. Something I will never forget. I am one of the lucky ones because I have reached 75. Last Child my daughter at the age of 31 died from Acute Leukemia. Diagnosis to death only eleven weeks. Her consultants at the hospital were she worked as an ICU Sister special children hinted that it could have been from me her dad, because they knew my story, but also said it would be extremely difficult to prove or could be extremely expensive to carry out sufficient tests to attempt to prove. The main question to the MOD why were we deserted after we gave and give all because we had NO CHOICE. You still treat our nations military men LIKE SHIT and you ask for Loyalty. WHAT A HUGE TRAGEDY for our once GREAT BRITAIN since we adopted the term UK, the nation continues to go down the drain. Mind you when DICKHEADS LIKE "Ollie" Osborne George "Lunatic Brown" what do you expect. Easy Visas for the Chinese soon they will own UK like USA what utter nonsense. OUR Gov't is committing SLOW SUICIDE

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