Rhino is one of South Africa’s most iconic animal, and sadly

thousands of rhinos have been poached or are currently under the threat from poachers every year.

Poachers Armed with ak-47’s, tranquilizers, and axes; poachers hack off the horn with an axe and when the rhino awakens its bleeding out with no horn, no defence left for other animals to kill it. This is a cruel act for some worthless horn that has no medical use and some ridiculous myths that aren’t true. This campaign is important because it will help give awareness globally and most importantly awareness to the buyers of the horn, that don’t know what’s happened in order to get the horn removed from the rhino, that it is an illegal trade.

South Africa hosts the main population of rhino’s in the world, but the main cause for their future extinction are poachers. Poachers hack off the horn whilst Rhino is still alive or has been shot dead, poachers take the horn away, and sell it for some big bucks in mainly Asia. For they believe that the substance that is in the horn can cure any form of cancer and hangovers, but this is a ridiculous myth according to scientists.

We need change, to protect the future of one of South Africa’s most iconic animals, here’s why; Rhino’s bring in most of the tourism in South Africa which brings a lot of money into the local communities and wildlife reserves.

Rhinos are also an umbrella species; rangers protecting and managing a rhino population, take in account all the other species interacting with rhinos and those sharing the same habitat. When rhinos are protected, many other species are too; not only mammals but also birds, reptiles, fish and insects as well as plants.

What needs to be done is bring awareness to buying countries and companies, I feel that if the buyers know what their buying is a cruel illegal rhino slaughter that the buyers would stop buying or make them feel guilty of these animals. We will never be able to stop poaching its like speeding on the roads there will always people that will speed and that’s the same with poaching. So it’s best to cut off the poachers at the buyers so that there will be no need to poach rhino horn.

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