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Brad Hanlon
Brad Hanlon Campaign leader

In this article Mel Komus explains what it is like to go to Taiji, Japan and help the fight against dolphin slaughter as a 'Cove Guardian'.

What It’s Like To Volunteer As A Cove Guardian

The Dodo
I am sure that every Cove Guardian remembers the exact moment they first saw the infamous Cove. The sight of it almost takes your breath away, for two reasons: one, because it really is such a beautiful place and two, because you instantly remember how many dolphins and whales have lost their lives at the hands of the Taiji fisherman there. The…Read More
Brad Hanlon
Brad Hanlon Campaign leader

This article from National Geographic outlines reasons as to why dolphins should not be in captivity. It provides valuable information…Read More

Debunking Captivity: 3 Reasons Not to Keep Dolphins in a Tank

A bottlenose dolphin in the wild. (Photograph by Maddalena Bearzi) I have spent much time in the company of wild dolphins over the last twenty-something years. I’ve built a career following their everyday movements and observing their behavior both from shore and from research boats. When I began my studies, I knew these creatures primarily as…Read More
Brad Hanlon
Brad Hanlon Campaign leader

This article is important as it provides a lot of information about where and why dolphins are slaughtered in Japan. It gives us an idea of…Read More

Dolphin Slaughter in Taiji

The little town with a really big secret Each year from September to May over 20,000 dolphins are slaughtered in Japan. Fishermen round them up by the hundreds using sound barriers to disorient and herd the frantic pods out of their normal migrations into hidden lagoons like the one featured in The Cove. Bottlenose dolphins, especially ones that…Read More
Brad Hanlon
Brad Hanlon Campaign leader

This article matters as it is explains the process of the Taiji dolphin drives. People should read this article as it gives an insight into…Read More

Facts - Cove Guardians

Sea Shepherd Conservation Society USA
Dolphin Hunting Boats There are currently twelve small dolphin hunting boats operating in Taiji, and each of these boats depart Taiji harbor at first light in search of wild dolphins. The boats fan out upon and beyond the horizon to cover a larger expanse of ocean, in order to effectively search well-known migratory routes. Upon locating a…Read More
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