year thousands and thousands of dolphins are being slaughtered in Japan. This is a massive issue as these animals are treated inhumanely as they are rounded savagely to be sold off for entertainment or killed for their meat. Their meat is being mislabelled and sold in Japan, the other problem with this is that it can cause mercury poisoning. Something must be done now!

Currently nearly 20,000 cetaceans are being killed every year in Japanese waters. A large proportion of these cetaceans are dolphins which are being slaughtered in what is known as a ‘dolphin drive’.

The majority of dolphin drives are taking place in a town called Taiji. Dolphins are lured into a rocky cove by boats with long metal poles that create a wall of sound. This wall of sound drives the dolphins towards the cove where they are captured and picked out individually. Some of these dolphins are sold to trainers and flown around the world for prices up to $200,000 each. Whereas the rest of the dolphins that did not get chosen are slaughtered to be sold off for their meat. The problem with this meat being sold is that it has extremely high levels of mercury.

These dolphins are killed by spears thrown by fishermen from boats. However, their technique has been changed after the release of the movie ‘The Cove’. The fishermen claim to have changed to a more ‘humane’ method where a metal rod is hammered into the dolphin’s spinal cord causing paralysis. A wooden stake is then stabbed into the wound to stop the blood, making it look ‘less harmful’.

The main reason for this dolphin drive is the money being made off of the dolphins that are picked out and sold to the entertainment industry as it is a multibillion-dollar worldwide trade. I want to promote the idea of not going to places and parks such as SeaWorld. The captivity of dolphins at SeaWorld is the motivation behind ‘dolphin drives’.

‘Buy a ticket to a marine park and you are supporting the slaughter of these innocent beings.’

We need to stop the dolphin drives in Japan because thousands of dolphins are being killed inhumanely. If this merciless dolphin killing does not stop the species may be driven into extinction. We are knowingly letting a group of people wipe out thousands and thousands of dolphins.

Dolphin meat is being mislabeled and sold as more expensive whale meat in Japan.  The problem with this is that Dolphin meat is highly toxic with its extremely high levels of Mercury, unsafe for human consumption. If dolphin meat is continued to be sold it could result in thousands of people being poisoned unknowingly by the dangerous levels of mercury.

The whole reason for the dolphin drives is due to the entertainment system. Places like SeaWorld is the reason why Taiji’s dolphin drive is still occurring. We must change the public’s perception on the captivity of animals as it is morally wrong. Keeping dolphins in captivity is teaching our children that it is okay to keep animals contained just to use them for entertainment. If we do not start to change people’s opinions on animal captivity, dolphins will continue to be treated cruelly.

My goal for this campaign is to raise awareness about the dolphin slaughter occurring in Japanese waters every year. The whole reason behind dolphin is a result of places like SeaWorld. We can help solve the issue of dolphin drives by saying no to captivity.

By supporting this campaign you are raising awareness and making a difference to the massive dolphin slaughter that happens each year.

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