Deforestation is one of the world’s largest problems and the

leading causes of the deforestation is Palm oil plantations. My campaign to eliminate palm oil deforestation is important because palm oil plantations have the highest CO2 emissions in the world pouring out over 6000 tons every hectare of forest cleared. I intend to do this by having all palm oil products labelled so that people will become more aware of what they are supporting and they need to stop.

The current situation with deforestation and palm oil plantations is that there is a rapid increasing average of, 47,600 hectares of natural rainforest is cleared every day, killing animals and their habitats. Scientists have new estimates saying that just over 95% of low land forests may be destroyed by 2025. A quote taken from COP (Centre for Orang-utan Protection) reports that. "Orang-utans’ poaching is done deliberately as a policy made by palm oil corporations. Therefore they hire local people as pest busters, who serve the corporation with killing any wild animals, including orang-utans, which spoil palm oil trees within the plantations. The pest busters will bring up a cut-off hand of an orang-utan they have killed and hand it to the corporation as a proof. When they find an adult female orang-utan with her baby, they will usually kill the ‘mother ‘and take away the baby for pet or sale". This is sad because palm oil plantations are killing so many Orang-utans and the plantations re only so popular because it is the cheapest oil to produce and companies could use other oils that don’t harm the environment as much such as the company Jett – Lube only makes products that don’t harm the environment and this type of approach will help lower CO2 and save the animals like the Tigers and Orang-utans.

Scientists have made estimates that 95% of all low land forests will be palm oil plantations by 2025. I believe that there needs to be a definite change in the way we harvest and use palm oil around the world. The RSPO is a company that is working towards making a better and more eco-friendly solution to the palm oil problem and deforestation.  Australians need to become more aware of which products contain palm oil products and should make more conscious choices about purchasing products that contain palm oil.

Palm oil plantations are one of the biggest contributors to CO2 emissions in the world.

Particularly due to expansion of palm oil plantations in the world’s tropical regions. Indonesia is becoming a massive source of CO2 emissions. Natural climate change researchers from Stanford University’s project that the continued expansion of plantations will add more than 558 million tons of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere by 2020. The amount of CO2 needs to go down because this will cause global warming and would then kill thousands more animals. This CO2 needs to be decreased.

There is a huge number of animals in the natural forests and the palm oil plantations are endangering and killing animals just for easy access to one of the world’s cheapest and easiest oils. An average of 47,600 hectares of natural rainforest is cleared every day every day. Species like the Orang-utan could become extinct in the wild within the next 5-10 years and the Sumatran Tigers in less than 3 years. These are troubling statistics because the Palm oil plantation companies pay poachers to go into the forests before they are cleared and shoot and kill the endangered animals so the governments can’t sue the companies in court for killing endeared animals. There needs to be more done but companies like A-Z Animals need more protection because otherwise all these animals will be extinct the near future. If these animals were to be become extinct the whole food chain would collapse because the Orang-utan makes food for so many other animals in the forests.

Palm oil is one of the worst and maybe and maybe even the worst cause of deforestation and source of CO2 emissions in the world. These plantations are killing thousands of animals and pushing thousands more towards extinction. You could contribute to helping save thousands of animals and lowering tons of CO2 emission by singing this pledge to stop using palm oil products so that there will be a lower profit for the palm oil companies, so that they don’t need to clear as many rainforests.We can lower CO2 emissions and save endangered animals.

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