Murder is among us, though in an unrecognised form, poaching

of elephants. This is being referred to as poaching. Poaching is when an animal is being hunted for its skin, fur, horns ect…  Such act is happening regularly in Africa. The animals that are largely a target by poachers are tigers, rhinos, elephants and gorillas. The largest hunted animal is the African elephant, it was said that there were as many as 5 million now about 470,000 - 690,000. These animals are being hunted for their ivory horns. Thus the horns are used for manufacturing decorative items.

Every piece of ivory that is purchased is another elephant murdered. Ivory is an illegal trade, commonly on its way to Asia

Here are some quick and cruel facts –

-          35% of the elephants that died, were killed for their horns(ivory) – 2008

-          80% of the elephants that died, were killed for their horns(ivory) - 2012

A large reason behind poaching in Africa is because there are so many small towns and families that can’t afford to live. Poachers can usually receive $1000 for one tusk, making poaching a very easy source of income.

I want to stop this murder and cruelty happening worldwide!

We need to do this because selfish human beings are murdering harmless innocent animals for a quick dollar.

We need to change because –

-          We are killing beings that have lived here long before we arrived

-          These animals are a part of large cultures and religions worldwide.

There is a simple way to stop all this destruction! Donate, and I’ll tell you why. The only people in South Africa that are stopping the poachers are the conservationists. These conservationists consist of ex-poachers and people that campaign for the environment. What keeps these people going to stop poaching is the promise of payment, yet they have not received anything. By donating we can move forward to conserve the magnificent African Elephant and help prevent poaching.

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