Canned hunting is a massive business in South Africa where lions are kept in an enclosed area and hunted as a trophy. My goal is to stop Australians from taking part or even helping to fund this in-humane sport. This is important because the lions are on the right path to becoming extinct and its taking away their animal rights. As humans we have a responsibility not to betray animals like that.

In South Africa there are farms where lions are raised, as cubs they are petted by people, when they get a bit older they are then walked with by tourist, so by this point they are used to humans. Only when they get too big to interact with the tourist are they made available for canned hunting where they are then killed.

There are fewer than 30, 000 lions left in the world today and in the past 50 year 50% of the lion population has disappeared. If we keep going at the rate we are they will be extinct in no time. There are currently 125 farms where lions are raised from a cub to adult just for the purpose of being shot when the hunters think they are old enough.

We need to change because as humans we are responsible for treat animals as they deserve to be treated. Canned hunting is an act of betrayal towards the lions who are innocent victims. Not only is hunting them in a closed environment unfair, but it is also cruel to breed these lions from cubs and let them believe they have a home and a family just for the purpose of being shot when they are adults.

The lions themselves are endangered and if we as humans continue to kill them, they will become extinct in no time. Lions are one of the top animals on the food chain so if they become extinct it will actually cause the whole food chain to collapse. Without lions to prey on them, animals such as the buffalo, hyena, zebra, and deer will occur in increasing numbers in. Buffalo would be the dominant animals of the food chain. This would have a huge negative effect on the natural functioning of the food chain.

Financially, ecotourism generates around $80 billion a year for Africa, which feeds into local communities and economies. Few people wouldn’t bother coming on safari if they knew they would not see the king of the beasts. As the money made from tourism diminishes, so will the ability to protect animals in national wild life parks and poor sick people. Without lions, expect increased poverty, poor health, poaching, desperation, and greater pressure on Western countries to support Africa via aid programs.

We must stop Australians from can hunting in South Africa by not allowing any travel agents to suggest it as something to do while visiting. We cannot advertise canned hunting options. We can also demand a ban on the import of lion parts into Australia so these hunters who go to Africa for the purpose of canned hunting, cannot return with a trophy.

This is so serious the Australian government needs to take action and we can make this possible by applying legal bans such as: advertising, imports of lions or even promoting the legal activity. If we don’t do something today lions in the wild will more than likely become extinct in the next 20-30 years. There will never be a time that we want to forget lions, walk ten blocks in most of the world's cities and you'll see a dozen lion statues, small or large, icons of the most symbolic animal on Earth.

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