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Voting rights are under attack – and we desperately need to modernize and restore the Voting Rights Act's protections against discrimination. But the bipartisan bill to do that, the Voting Rights Advancement Act, is caught in Congressional gridlock. This is newly-elected House Speaker Paul Ryan's first test: if he's serious about uniting Congress behind the American people's priorities,…

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Just one year after implementing a controversial voter ID requirement, Alabama announced that it'll close 31 DMV offices -- leaving 29 counties without a single place to get a driver's license, the most common form of voter ID that's required to vote under the new law. Here's the worst part: no county where Black voters are 75% or more of those registered will still have a DMV (or easy access…

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It's 2015, and politicians are still trying to stop Americans from voting. Voting is our greatest right and responsibility in a true democracy, but sadly, partisan laws and inadequate voting opportunities keep too many of us from the polls. Like it or not, it's the truth: anyone who wants to be president needs a plan to protect every voter's right to be heard -- and that plan should start…

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Voting Rights Debate Reignites Heading into MLK Holiday

NBC News
A day after a top Republican seemed to dismiss the need to restore a critical part of the Voting Rights Act, lawmakers Thursday told NBC News they would reintroduce bipartisan voting rights legislation next week, in what the Congressional Black Caucus says will be a massive effort to aggressively defend voting rights. House Judiciary Committee…Read More
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