Star Carrier of UFOC: New Civilization Milestone to Fly with neither Wings nor Fire

=One Billion Supercarriers=10000 Nuclear Superbombs in One 16-CubicMeter Benz Saloon

=2000 Machs-Full Attackproof and Climateproof=$5 SuperCheap Ticket from USA to Europe

Birds fly with wings, rocket and planes fly with wings, angels fly with wings… however, the Lord flies without wings, the Galaxy flies without wings, the Cosmos flying without wings… Our UFOC(Ultra Flying Omniphibian Craft) also flies without wings, jet, fire, etc.

UFOC flies in air as a perfect security substitute for plane, can fly into deep space as a perfect security non-jet and non-fire cool substitute for rocket spaceship, can submerge and navigate in the sea as a perfect security substitute for submarine and all ships, can travel on the ground as a perfect security substitute for cars…Five classes of important advantages of UFOC are as follows.

(1) UFOC Easy 7A: Any Parking, Any Launching, Any Landing(Vertical Landing), Any Suspension, Any Weather, Anytime and Anywhere.

Simple 8N: No Runway, No Airport, No Parking Apron, No Railway, No Fire and Jet Security Risks, No Media Limit, No Carry Capability Limit(No Coupling 1014 Tonforce Horsepower), No Dependence on Air, No Recoil

(2) One UFOC Engine(16-CubicMeter Volume less than One Benz Saloon)=10000 Nuclear Superbombs Horsepower for Flying One Billion Supercarriers Persistently at a Time

(3) One Ultra Flying Omniphibian Craft=1) One Billion Supercarriers+2) 10000 Nuclear Superbombs +3) One Flying Noah's Ark Saving All Human Being from Any Disaster+4) One Cosmic Sovereign Scepter to Rule Whole Cosmos(Single Engine Horsepower Coupling to 1024 Tonforce, 1039 Tonforce…1010000000 Tonforce…)+5)One Universe Imperatorial Excalibur+6) One Ever Flag for Imperishable Life and Genesis+7) One Cool Flagship to Say Good-bye to All Hot Fire Rockets and Jets+8) One Absolute Freedom Laurel by Any Speed+9) One Super Dynasty+10) New Civilization Milestone to Cross Any Ice Age

(4) 9P Firearmproof=Bulletproof + Bombproof + Shellproof + Nuclear-bombproof + Electromagnetic-gunproof + Detonationproof + Missileproof + Rocketproof + Laserproof

3P=Cold-weaponproof + Firearmproof + Climateproof

where UFOC has non-coupling 1014 Tonforce and can fly at the velocity that is greater than 2000 Machs, the bullet velocity is around 3 Machs, the velocity of the quickest electromagnetic cannon-shot is around 7 Machs, the velocity of the quickest missile is around 25 Machs, the velocity of the quickest rocket is around 120 Machs, and special design UFOC to reflect laser, so that it comes to above 9P Firearmproof and 3P.

(5) Least energy consumption and super horsepower make the lowest supercheap $5 ticket from USA to anywhere on the world.

The shape of UFOC can be flying saucer, triangle, etc. The size of an UFOC varies from millimeter to hundreds of miles or more.

One Lotus engine of UFOC provides the horsepower that is greater than 10000 nuclear superbombs and flies one billion Ford Supercarriers, however, the size of engine is only a Benz Motorcar volume of 16 Cubic Meters. This enable the UFOC to fly or move at the incredible velocity of more than hundreds of thousands kilometers per seconds and more, .i.e. it takes us Minutes from USA to Asia, Minutes come-and-go in the ocean fishing, Days or Monthes from Earth to Andromeda Galaxy…It take us 12-Hour Multiple-way to Mars and around $10000 per ticket, and then everyone can be cosmonaut.

As another result, we are able to explore the deep-sea as flat by the bathyscaphes with terra-tonforce of horsepower. Mariana Trench of 11034 meter depth is also flat.

Ultra Flying Omniphibian Crafts provide us a chance to index the whole galaxy and then the whole universe within months or years, and enable us to integrate the full resources in the galaxy and in the universe. It is the new civilization milestone of the whole world.

If investment is enough and quick, the first space UFOC will launches out within 3-6 month. The details are below.

One UFOC engine has 1014 Tonforce Horsepower within a Benz Motorcar of 16 Cubic Meters, and the 1014 Tonforce Horsepower can fly persistently one billion units of Ford(Nimitz) Supercarriers(105 Ton per unit) at a time.

10000-NuclearBomb Energy Dinosaur-UFOC: 1014 Tonforce Horsepower within a Benz Motorcar of 16 Cubic Meters and Equal to 10000 Units of Nuclear Fusion Bombs Greater than All the Nuclear Bombs in the World. Horsepower can be simply coupled to 1024 Tonforce, 1039 Tonforce, 10100 Tonforce……

UFOC is the hugest unrivaled Flying Omniphibian Craft at this stage, and Zeppelin corporation will grow to be the hugest company in the world. Do not Hesitate to Invest in Zeppelin, Be with the SuperGiant, and Experience the Forever Glory Success. Every Investor will list on united board for all the offsprings to appreciate.

Duty and mission bring me here, and volition and belief rebuild the universe glory.

There exists no forge about UFOC. If it is not true, we should say it is one million tonforce horsepower to drive one Nimitz carrier to be close to the current technology, this helps us get trust from people. However, the fact is reverse and the truth is as above stating. Therefore, UFOC horsepower is really the greatly hyper-nuclear power and is truly celestial horsepower.

Lord One-Life&Freedom: $10000-12-Hour Multiple-way Ticket to Mars(vs One Billion USD One-way Trip to Mars in 10 Months): New Civilization Milestone of UFOC(Ultra Flying Omniphibian Craft) and Let's Fly to Mars and Andromeda

Mission of UFOC-UFOC: Zero Crash, Life Redemption, Rearrange Galaxy, Renew Cosmos, UFOC(Ultra Flying Omniphibian Craft) to New UFOC(Universe Full-Order Code)

Grand Road to the Lord: All the past rebuildings base on destroying, but this renewing bases on Genesis, Birth and Glory to Dictate the Whole Cosmos: Invest in UFOC-UFOC, Be Close to the Glory

Unconquerable and Ever Zeppelin-2015 UFOC: 1st Conquest, 2nd Cloak and 3rd Teleportation

Cosmos One of the Lord: People Go to Anywhere in the Universe and Come Back to our Earth within Months, the Lord Carries out Multiple-way Space Trip and Refuses One-way Trip by Mars One, Follow the Lord , the Loves Refuse to Afflict and Kill People Anywhere and Anytime, the Duties are to the Right Glory

A single UFOC within a Benz Motorcar of 16 Cubic Meters generates 1014 Tonforce Horsepower persistent by less than one PPM input fuel. All the nuclear bombs explode only can keep the pressure within seconds. However, the horsepower by UFOC is persistent. The 1014 Tonforce Horsepower by a single UFOC is equal to ten thousand Units of Nuclear Fusion Bombs and is greater than that of all the Nuclear Bombs in the World. A single UFOC is really the Energy Dinosaur but has the volume of 16 Cubic Meters.

When we use UFOC to generate the electric power, it can liberate all the water power and fire power; when we use UFOC to grow crops and raise livestock, it can liberate all the animal power and human power……

UFOC will be a free gift to all human people some year late.

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