The community surrounding GreenSourceDFW is a profoundly important one because it is the only community in DFW linking all kinds of
environmentalists together -- from the inventors like Harvey Lacey and Dave Pennington to the large players like Sierra Club to the grassroots groups like Oak Cliff Earth Day Festival, etc.

We have even been told by city leaders that our organization's success in bringing social responsible investors, NGO's, conscious capitalists for-profits and inventors all together has not been done before and is vital for Dallas' future overall.

100% of the overhead for all of Memnosyne's projects is covered by our founders, which means that 100% of your donation will go directly to program.

We think we have a good chance of recieving funding for 2014, but we need your support to keep Memnosyne's program afloat from September 1st-January 1st. Any little bit helps!

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