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Connie Schneck

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Hold Climate Change Deniers In The Senate Accountable.

You know, we need to stand together on these issues that are so important for the life of our planet;and the animals that are suffering because of global warming. So we have to force these people in the government to do what is necessary to halt this here. The polar bears can't wait any more. They already go for 6 to 7 mo. without food because of global warming. So, please, get with the program and at least sign the petition. Thank you!!

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Sarah Byam

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Hold Climate Change Deniers In The Senate Accountable.

Dwight Eisenhower warned us, when he left office, that the politics of money would be the undoing of our representational democracy. Even as a child, I was proud of the fact that though our country had terrible problems, it was our faith in the average person to make a wise decision by listening to and compromising with our neighbors to make better choices, we would gradually fulfill on the promise of our nation. One person. One vote. If we create an unworkable law, we change the law. It isn't easy, but it is healthy. In 1980, a massive money campaign was unleashed to say that "Government is the problem", which is about the same as saying "We can't cooperate because cooperation is the problem". We "govern" ourselves and each other all the time. So if we abdicate the responsibility of governing, those who would govern us without being duly elected can step in to fill the void - which they have done. The hope of a functional democracy cannot be restored without returning to the principle of "one person, one vote". All other abuses in our country are made possible by the violation of this one key principle. Our constitution is designed to correct these abuses as they occur, as we discover them. If you believe in, support any cause in the US right now, lend your support to this keystone, behind which attending to all others will become more possible.

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