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Tell the media: Climate deniers are not "skeptics."

Some members of the media are still framing climate change deniers in a more positive light, calling them “skeptics.”

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Today DeSmogBlog covered the campaign calling on reporters and broadcasters to call those who deny the facts of climate change what they…Read More

Calls For Media To Accurately Label Climate Deniers Growing Louder

Now, campaign group Forecast the Facts is making an open appeal to the media to accurately label climate deniers, enabling supporters of the CSI effort to co-sign the letter, which so far has garnered over 3,200 signatures. The open letter, released last month, was signed by nearly 50 scientists and skeptics, including physicist Mark Boslough,…Read More

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Verbal Warming: Labels in the Climate Debate

Justin Gillis
The words are hurled around like epithets. People who reject the findings of climate science are dismissed as “deniers” and “disinformers.” Those who accept the science are attacked as “alarmists” or “warmistas. “ The second term, evoking the Sandinista revolutionaries of Nicaragua, is perhaps meant to suggest that the science is part of some…Read More