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Draw Attention To The Issues With Voter Registration (Pvc)

FOURTH REPUBLIC 7TH NATIONAL ASSEMBLY HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES FEDERAL REPUBLIC OF NIGERIA ORDER PAPER Date: 13/01/2015 MOTION ON USE OF TEMPORARY VOTERS' CARD FOR ELECTIONS Hon. Femi Gbajabiamila. The House: Notes that the general elections in Nigeria commence on February 14, 2015 Also notes that for the purpose of the elections referred to above, the Independent National Electoral Commission (the commission) has been and is still issuing permanent Voters’ card to eligible voters in replacement of the temporary voters’ cards issued to Nigerians about 4 (four) years ago. Concerned that the general elections being just 4 (four) weeks or 31 (thirty one) days from now, it is very unlikely that the commission will be able to distribute the permanent voters’ cards to all registered and eligible voters before the elections. Disturbed that if the current position of the commission (that only voters with the permanent voters’ cards are qualified to vote) is not addressed, many registered and eligible voters will be disenfranchised in the 2015 general elections to the detriment of the growth of democracy in Nigeria. Resolves to: i. That the commission should include in its election guidelines for the 2015 general elections a provision(s) allowing registered voters with the temporary voters card whose names are on record to vote during the 2015 general elections."

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Draw Attention To The Issues With Voter Registration (Pvc)

This PVC registration drive is of utmost to us all. We can only have a chance to get the change we need if we are empowered with our voters' cards. Please spread the message around. And even if you want the status quo to continue, you still need to be empowered to do that. Get your voter's card and cast your vote on the election days.

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