Thousands of innocent armless civilians were killed today Wednesday Aug 14, 2013 for no crime but demonstrating peacefully to demand democratic rule and the return of president elect Mohammad Morsi. After a month and a half of a very peaceful standoff; the longest demonstration in history, Egypt's military chose to move in with tanks, bulldozers, artillary, snipers helicopters and tear gas to crack down on histories longest known peaceful demonstration that left the world in awe and admiration for the millions who protested the minority's secularist rich military aided cue. Egypt's army chose to crack down mercylessly on millions of students, doctors, children, women and all and all Egypt! who gathered to demand for liberty and freedom. Thousands were mercylessly killed in few hours, corpses were snatched and the field hospital in rab'aa was burned down to the grounds. The world watching.. do you want to watch? or take action?

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