Call to Action!

  • Update #3

Hi all thank you for continuing to give us your support! As you may have heard or seen by now, president Obama and Members of Congress had nothing to say or even mention the 10 million Americans sleeping on the streets. Because of this we have a Petition…Read More

Ways to help!

  • Update #2

If 700 people can donate $1.44 each, this can be our non profit, to bring a National Houseless Bill of Rights to those on the streets across the nation, and umbrella solutions to ease the suffering of all our brothers and sisters who end up at the bottom. If…Read More

The time is now!

  • Update #1

we have gained 313 signitures so far, thank everyone for their help. We have recently started a more direct petition, please continue to support us , so we can support our brothers and sisters on the streets, in the washes, in the alleys and everywhere they…Read More