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Put cameras in operating rooms

Joint Commission mandated safe surgery protocols will be followed

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Danny Long
Danny Long Campaign leader

1,000 preventable deaths and many more left crippled for life every single day is NOT acceptable. To a prevent a list of known surgery…Read More

Medical Harm #3 Cause of Death : Cameras 2

2004 To prevent wrong-site and wrong-patient procedures, the Joint Commission mandated a three-step process known as the universal protocol. Yet a decade latter, that alone has not solved the problem. Mandating without a verifying mechanism like cameras is not mandating. An estimated 550 to 650 surgical fires occur in the United States per year,…Read More
Danny Long
Danny Long Campaign leader

QUOTE: Recently I was in an operating room where the surgeon refused to do the check in because he said it was a waste of time. We weren’t…Read More

An Operating Room Nurse Confirms That Yes, Many Surgeons Are Assholes

Have a crazy or interesting job you want to tell us about anonymously in Career Confidential? Write us: [email protected] I’m an operating room nurse at a level 1 trauma center in a large city. I work primarily in orthopedics, so we deal with trauma cases, but it’s mostly scheduled surgeries like knee or hip replacements. Surgeries start…Read More
Danny Long
Danny Long Campaign leader

2014 Operating room cameras/video the next big thing in reducing healthcare costs due to surgery complications.

Skill ratings predict which surgeons perform safer surgeries (VIDEO) | University of Michigan Health System

ANN ARBOR, Mich. – Video ratings data of surgeons’ operating skills successfully predicted whether patients would suffer complications after leaving the operating room, according to a University of Michigan Health System study. The study assessed the relationship between the technical skill of 20 bariatric surgeons and post-surgery complications…Read More
Danny Long
Danny Long Campaign leader

I think the time is rapidly approaching when closed circuit cameras will be required in the OR's. When virtually every other aspect of…Read More

Great Z's: Cameras In The Operating Room. Is It Time?

This blog has documented many cases of shenanigans that can happen in the operating room. From the story of the hungry surgeon, to the Facebook anesthesiologist, to the really stupid anesthesia prank, it seems the range of improper behaviors inside those four cold walls is limited only by human incompetence. It is so prevalent that the state of…Read More
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